The Awards

The Outstanding Achievement Awards is a global initiative for mankind, to celebrate any individual, community, corporation, government or organization worldwide who have made a significant contribution, with exceptional and far-reaching impact worthy of recognition, that benefits mankind and the world we live in.

The awards recognize those who are credited with creating far-reaching change, inspiring others to do the same, have made a positive impact in their field and earned the respect and admiration of their peers.

The Outstanding Achievement Awards are independently regulated to ensure they are free of any conflict of interest and are considered objective and impartial. The awards provide an opportunity to value, celebrate and recognize outstanding achievements; to learn, inspire and to network.

Inspiring outstanding achievement 

We would welcome any comments you may wish to contribute, as your words will inspire the global
community to come together to celebrate worthy outstanding achievements for the benefit of mankind
and the world we live in, for today and for future generations.

Many leaders, from all walks of life, recognize the spirit and aspirations created by celebrating
outstanding achievement and its potential for a better world. We hope you, too, will share these same

About Us

The Outstanding Achievement Awards is owned and operated by Brooklands New Media LLC, part of Brooklands New Media Publishing Group, one of the world’s leading commemorative book publishers who, for over 20 years, have been celebrating the achievements of the world’s leading private, public, state-owned corporations, multinational organizations, global brands and prominent individuals.

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Celebrating outstanding achievement

Our publications are distributed regionally, nationally and worldwide, on a controlled basis, to our clients and their customers. Our distinctive approach to publishing provides clients with a highly-effective marketing communications platform, as well as an interesting and timely read.

We produce independent and client-supported publications, as well as specific corporate projects for major corporations, organizations, and leading brands and industries covering the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets.


Our Mission

To create value and make a difference by producing exceptional products that inform, celebrate and inspire.


Our Vision

To simply be the best at what we do and the rest will follow.

Corporate Values

To respect everyone we work with and to be a responsible, productive, positive, corporate and social global citizen.

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